Prayer - The Response to Majesty

This site presents the most remarkable aspects of cosmic fine tuning, necessary to generate and sustain life. The improbability of it is so incalculably vast that it takes your breath away and leaves you in wonder and awe before the love and majesty of God, Who like a master artist prepared everything to the finest detail and took "time and care"  in bringing everything to it intended destiny. Prayer reflections are provided to accompany the reader against the backdrop of these discoveries which are presented in an understandable and easy to read manner.

There are abundant resources dealing with these discoveries in scientific detail and it is not intended to reproduce an exhaustive list of these.  Instead the author tries to lead the reader in a journey of discovery to learn something more of the personal love of God for us through His care, as revealed in creation. Fine tuning discoveries are divided into 4 categories - the solar system and earth, the galaxy, the universe, and the 4 forces of nature.

The author is a scientist by profession with a PhD in applied physics and a masters in optics. He is a lay member of the Catholic Community of the Beatitudes in Denver Colorado, and is a spiritual director, having been formed over 5 years in the Ignatian Method of discernment of spirits at the Lanteri Center in Denver. He ministers alo as a Catholic evangelist with His wife Beth, taking the Gospel to the people in public spaces as guided by the Holy Spirit. He asks for prayers from anyone who happens to read this short biography.