A God Who Continually Reveals Himself

As we discover more of God's creative artistry on earth and in deep space we come to the astonishing realization that He ordered things so that the most amazing aspects of cosmic fine tuning, would be uncovered with the advent of technology.



Fine Tuning - Earth/Solar-System

How the Solar system is tuned to the finest detail to support life on earth. Life becomes impossible if the smallest detail is omitted. The improbability is incalculably vast without intentional design.

Fine Tuning - Our Galaxy

How our galaxy is tuned in immeasurably fine detail to support life on earth and to provide us with a panoramic view of the entire cosmos.

Fine Tuning - The Cosmos

Amazing facts which show how the Cosmos is fine tuned from the moment of creation for the emergence of life on earth.

Fine Tuning - The Forces of Nature

The four forces of nature are fine tuned to unimaginable precision necessary for the cosmos to exist as it does and support life. Fine tuning on the subatomic scale corresponds perfectly with the the enormity of the observable universe.

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