I enjoy painting icons when I have time. It's prayerful and peaceful experience. I'll post them here as I go along. The most recent one of St Simeon is below. I have always looked to him as a powerful Advent figure and a man blown by the wind of the Spirit. This was my first foray into doing backgrounds. The Lord helped me. It turned out well. The mountains open up to receive the incarnate God-man. It will be a while before I get another one done. I will post some of those I have already completed. The next one I am inspired to paint though is St John of the Cross. I say "paint" because the term writing icons from what I have read comes from a narrow translation of the Greek word iconogaphia which means to write draw or construct - in short to depict. Painting is better described by the word painting I think. Anyway it's not that important really.

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