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Marvels of Creation

Here you will find a collection of some of the most astonishing marvels of creation with the precise cosmic fine tuning necessary to generate and sustain life. Our universe is created with remarkable balance and precision design. The improbability of it is so incalculably vast that it takes your breath away and leaves you in wonder and awe before the love and majesty of God, Who, like a master artist prepared everything to the finest detail and took "time and care"  in bringing everything to it intended destiny.

The Thumbprint of God

The wonder of the universe is a specially fertile place to discover the thumprint of God since it precedes human history and goes back to the very creation event itself. Recent discoveries in astronomy and cosmology are especially remarkable in that they reveal more than just the omnipotence and omniscience of God. They begin to reveal a creator who cares about His children down to the finest detail (Luke 12:7) and prepares everything in advance for their arrival, as a good parent would do for a coming newborn. We are those children, created in his image and likeness

Science is Part of God's revelation

Science is God's revelation to humankind not a counterargument. In these times, scientific discoveries are revealing more and more of these marvels of creation especially in astronomy, physics and the life sciences. It takes a reasonable person and  a good scientist to be willing to see all of the data, even that which cannot be explained. As we discover more of God's creative artistry on Earth and in deep space we come to the astonishing realization that He ordered things so that the most amazing aspects of cosmic fine tuning, would be uncovered with the advent of technology. This is a wonderful testimony to God's love since He reserved this blessing for us during humankind's greatest hour of struggle and distortion when science is being adored as god instead of being recognized as His gift.

Something to Lift Your Heart

This site is not intended as an exhaustive presentation of fine tuning in creation on which there are already many excellent resources. Nor is it an effort to refute the agenda of the New Atheism and to convince doubters of the existence of God.  "For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible". Instead, it is a collection of discoveries presented in an easily readable way, to bring you a sense of wonderment and to learn something more of the personal love of God for you through His care, as revealed in creation. I pray you will find these elements of Ignatian spirituality helpful to you, and that they provide something for you to ponder on you journey so that you may come away refreshed with a renewed and lightened heart. The human heart is created for beauty and wonderment as part of the deeper desire for God. Before the marvels of creation we can only adore and give thanks if we respond in the most authentically human way.

These creation discoveries are presented under four categories in the fine tuning of nature - the solar system and earth, the galaxy, the universe, and the four forces of nature.




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Stellar Balancing Act

Stellar Balancing Act

October 16, 2020 5:38 am

The existence of life on Earth requires just the right amount of elements and compounds at just the right timing since the big bang. Earth is remarkably unusual among planets in that it has an abundance of nearly every element available in addition to life essential compounds. That taken together with it’s perfect location for life and other factors such as the unique requirement of a moon of just the right size and the existence of protective gas giant outer planets make it a wonder to comprehend.

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