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Marvels of Creation and Prayer

Welcome to this site however you discovered it. Here you will find the marvels of Gods fine tuning in creation, prayer reflections and thoughts on the spiritual journey to union with God, to which we are all invited. The future of the Church in these dark times will be such that remaining Christians will be mystics or will fall away. More than ever we need to see God in everything, desire Him in everything and give everything back to Him as Mary did when she gave her yes to becoming the Theotokos, the mother of God at the invitation of the annunciation (Lk 1:38). Contemplating the beauty of creation is an antidote to the ugliness of sin and rebellion in these times

The Thumbprint of God

In the Eastern Christian rite, creation is considered as the 5th gospel. God speaks through the beauty of what He has created. He rejoices in it seeing that it is good (Genesis 1:31). We can perceive his delight in His creation through this beauty which is present on earth and spectacularly present in the cosmos where He has stretched out the heavens like a tent (Is 40:22)

Science is God's revelation

Science is part of God's revelation to humankind not a counterargument. In these times, scientific discoveries are revealing more and more of these marvels of creation especially in astronomy, physics and the life sciences. It takes a reasonable person and  a good scientist to be willing to see all of the data, even that which cannot be explained. As we discover more of God's creative artistry on Earth and in deep space we come to the astonishing realization that He ordered things so that the most amazing aspects of cosmic fine tuning, would be uncovered with the advent of technology. This is a wonderful testimony to God's love since He reserved this blessing for us during humankind's greatest hour of struggle and distortion when science is being adored as god instead of being recognized as His gift.

Something to Lift Your Heart

This site presents a collection of discoveries in an easily readable way, to bring you a sense of wonderment and to learn something more of the personal love of God for you through His care, as revealed in creation. I pray you will find these elements of Ignatian spirituality helpful to you, and that they provide something for you to ponder on you journey so that you may come away refreshed with a renewed and lightened heart. The human heart is created for beauty and wonderment as part of the deeper desire for God. Before the marvels of creation we can only adore and give thanks if we respond in the most authentically human way.





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The Breath of The Spirit

The Breath of The Spirit

April 18, 2021 1:28 pm

In John 3:8, Jesus describes the Spirit in terms of the wind. It blows where it wills and you hear the sound of it but do not know where it comes from or where it goes. It brings to mind the sound of the leaves moving in the trees which sounds also like the ocean, another description of the voice of God in Rev 14:2. These beautiful processes are so complex in their simplicity that no Scientist can accurately predict them.

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