Five Stones to Slay Goliath

Presently I am praying together with two friends to launch a new prayer initiative in the local parish. Each of us has received some beautiful words of prophecy from the Lord on how to make this something after His own heart. Among the number of words received, were the humility required and the placing of the group under the Queenship of Mary. I wanted to share just one word that came to me as we prayed. The Lord bought me to a dry riverbed with 5 smooth stones, the ones that David picked up before he slew Goliath, which in our case is Satan and his demons. Having first been saddled with the heavy armor of King Saul, he knew, under the anointing of the Spirit that he was not in the element God had made him for. With this baggage he was ill-equipped to move in the Spirit with the agility of one who hears and acts on the voice of God, and so he discarded it (2 Samuel 17:38-50).

However, many, even most of us, choose to remain clothed in this heavy armor. We plan spiritual projects and bring a weight of precautions and encumbrances to these so that the time for prayer and listening for the prophetic word is practically extinguished. Instead of slaying the demon with the sword of the Spirit, we become his victims as he binds us with his deceptions and lies. Sadly this is often the norm in parish life with the result that we could rightly say "Lord - forgive us for doing the "good" you have not asked us to do, and for failing to be agile under the anointing of your Spirit. Of course this agility requires risk and the confrontation of the fear of Goliath, whether a deadly material enemy, or more usually a sin - one that lurks in the inner room - the place where we should delight in going to shut the door and be with Abba Father, but where many of us are afraid to go because of the lie of the enemy that if we get too close to the Spirit - God might take everything.  In truth He wishes to give us everything - even our very selves.

When fear and "volunteerism" for pet projects dominate the heart instead of the excitement of obedient listening to the Spirit, the result is always personal defense and protection of ones "position" as if any of us really had anything to give to God that is not already His. This lack of trust, which is really a lack of identity as a son or daughter of God, then projects itself through personal affirmation on ones position, and the one with the biggest personality usually dominates.

So what of the 5 stones. What the Lord showed me was the smoothness of these, and though each was unique any one of them could be chosen to slay Goliath. None of them had the hard edges of personality, ego, self affirmation or dominance but the grinding in the river bed of suffering had humbled them to their aerodynamic shape. In the same way those who would serve this prayer initiative must have the invisibility of humility and at the same time the spiritual aerodynamics to move quickly by the hand of the Spirit. I noticed that each one of us had suffered in some fire or another and had learned something of the deeper level of prayer, and yet there is always more growth required and a deeper transformation every day. This is the invitation of God for this group with perhaps 5 servants shepherding it. Pray for us if you read this and ask yourself. Do you still wear the armor of the world?

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