Proof For one God and atheism

Here is a proof for the existence of one God, in so far as a proof is possible. I put this video together a long time ago. It's not going to be of much use for those who are hardened against God. For them just pray because there is no such thing really as an atheist. As far as atheism goes I am an a-atheist. In other word I don't believe there is any such thing as atheism. There cannot be an atheist unless there is a God to atheize. It is an unusual phrase to hear of those who describe themselves as committed atheists, as if to say I am committed to expending my existing energy on disbelieving in something that doesn't exist. If it didn't exist you would likely not be aware of it's non-existence to give it a second though. No atheism is a drama, a struggle between the soul and God who it will not serve. It is an interesting video for those who do believe. However, it's not so important to know God exists, even the demons acknowledge that. What is essential is to enter into relationship with him and rest in His embrace.

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