Signs in the Heavens II – The Northern Cross

In regard to my recent post on the unborn child in the heavens, the plot thickens.  If you are willing to see with the eyes of faith there is more in this constellation, a lot more. In the post above I indicated that the crescent nebula looks remarkably like an unborn child situated at the heart of the cross, in the breast of Jesus. Additionally I pointed out the presence of the veil nebula a depiction of a shredded veil significant in this context of the rending of the temple veil at the death of Jesus.  However, there are two other fascinating signs in the Northern Cross, the pictures of which are shown below. There is a small nebula known as the fetus nebula situated high above the cross, perhaps to signify all the aborted babies taken up to heaven and the horror of sin for which Jesus died. This is not science, of course, but a matter of faith for those who have a spiritual eye to see it. Then farther down there is what is often known as the North American Nebula due to its resemblance to the North American continent. Seen on it's side though it could equally well be called the empty tomb nebula with a gaping hole where the stone has been rolled away. Next to it is what is known as the Pelican nebula, so called because of its resemblance to the Pelican bird. The Pelican was an ancient Christian symbol because the bird was known to pierce it's breast with it's peak to feed it's young of its own blood - a symbol of the paschal sacrifice. Farther down from this is the butterfly nebula because it's district shape.  This was again a Christian symbol of resurrection. Then there are the two signs discussed in the last post the rending of the temple veil and the unborn child. I have shown this in a depiction below with suggested meanings. Either way it is remarkable that so many signs appear in what is known as the Northern Cross. I will post additional signs in the heavens as they appear to me.




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  1. The pictures are beautiful ! Our God is so awesome !! Who can look a these and deny an amazing God, creator of heaven and earth?

  2. I didn’t take most of those but I have taken others I can show you. I’ve done the Veil nebula now from my light polluted back yard.

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