Signs in The Heavens – The Unborn Child

For those who have eyes to see, God has left signs in the heavens (Luke 21:25-28) that mark the history of humankind and God's gaze upon us. Many of these have only been accessible through available technology  in the present era - arguably our darkest hour, but one where the light of God shines more brightly. I recently took the photo shown of the Crescent Nebula in the constellation Cygnus. It was my wife Elizabeth who pointed out how much it resembles an unborn child. Intrigued by this I decided to take a closer look at what God might be saying through this. The object is located in the constellation of "Cygnus", the Swan, but in an area of it known as the Northern Cross, being visibly similar in shape to the Christian cross.

This nebulous depiction of a fetus is situated right at the center of the cross at the area of where the heart would be, or depending on the type of crucifix image it might be before the eyes - either way directly under the gaze of Jesus. Certainly as Jesus underwent His saving agony He must have had before him the greatest of our sins and the unborn must have occupied a special place in His merciful gaze. Interesting to discover this just after the overturning of Roe v Wade by the Supreme Court.

Other signs to seem to be present in the Norther Cross, which dominated the Summer night sky. To the left of the cross is the Veil Nebula (picture shown) which has the appearance of a veil that has been shredded in two, a sign perhaps of the rending of the Temple veil as Jesus died.




















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  1. Wow! and hooray for Elizabeth! It takes a mom to see a child, may God give us all such eyes to see the wonder & beauty of each life.

  2. Can you provide some info about the telescope and equipment used for your photos?
    I have a 12″ Starwatcher dobsonian. Will search for these. How long a time exposure did these beauties take.
    God Bless,
    John D

    • The Cocoon nebula is my photo. It is cropped into the actual Nebula. I just took my own of the Veil also will swap it in shortly. I use a Celestron RASA 8 a Optolong L-Enhance filter and an ASI183MC-Pro single shot color camera. Modest aperture but very short F ratio so it gather light fast. You can see the nebula in 60 second or less come up on the screen. God Bless you

  3. Thank you for sharing this! It is beyond beautiful, and what else should we expect of a God “Whose Mercy is endless”? It is another treasure to share with my loved ones, and hopefully others will also find it so! God bless you!

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