Ascent of The Holy Mountain

High on the summit of the mountain of the Lord, above the clouds of darkness and confusion, lies a tiny spring of crystal clear water, the waters of truth goodness and purity - a stream of pure and unblemished though and consciousness. As it descends towards the valley of sin and brokenness it becomes more and more polluted by the evil thoughts passions and desires of fallen humanity. The souls closer to the summit drink of purer water until they reach the fullness of the 6th Beatitude (Matthew 5:8). To reach this level of purity of though and desire it is so important to pay attention to the Word of God spoken through Paul in Philippians 4:8MIGHTY WARRIOR BLOG † : "Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord."

"Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things".

It is worth pondering why this is so important and what it is saying, but let's start from the other side. What happens when we think of the things of the world. If they are dark then they darken our minds and thoughts and imagination, only to resurface often during times of prayer. The Lord in his inexhaustible patience brings them back up again, lancing the boil over and over until we finally learn not to infect ourselves. These things of the world can often be disguised under the cloak of religion and righteousness and in that form are the most dangerous. When we read of the sins of others or approvingly absorb vengeful preaching nodding in agreement, yes even of things that are true in and of themselves, or correct theology, it elicits an emotional response. Suddenly we are tempted to identify as  "the good guy" or "the good Catholic", or  "the victim" or "the one under the fearful eye of God's scrutiny". None of these are our true identity. There are no good guys (it would be closer to the truth to say we are all the bad guys). Out true identity - a son or daughter of God, can be hidden from us, for years, or momentarily stolen away by the enemy. What is said or inferred or depicted in the world starts in the heart and it is there where it's root is evil or pure. Many of us use good things, good gifts, and even God's Holy word, to hurt others. God forgive us. Then there are those who ignorantly give intrinsically bad things in and of themselves , but actually intend to do good from the heart. Who can judge but God alone.

It is noteworthy that the Virgin in Medjugorje (if you can accept it), said that when we look upon darkness it becomes a part of us, we journey towards it (paraphrased). It is worth pondering here about the forces that are at work in the internet and social media - that place where our minds are continually exposed to clouds of thick darkness.

What happens though when, by the power of the Spirit, we live Philippians 4:8. Gradually we start to see God in everything, the beauty of relationships and even nature starts to reveal echoes of the Trinity and the lure of the world instead becomes bitter and disgusting. The imprint of God is seen everywhere and the peace of God which passes all understanding keeps our minds in Christ Jesus. We have reached that place above the clouds and like the saints we can no longer see evil except that which remains to be purged from our own hearts.

I am the first disciple of my own writing here. Lord grant me the vision of purity and the grace to drink for the source on the mountain of the Lord

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