The Two Divine Mercy Searchlights

This morning in my prayer time I asked the Holy Spirit to teach me something new, and I was surprised at what came to me both in the prophetic sense in regard to the illumination of conscience, but also in the beauty in which it reveals the Mercy of God and the call to always remain strong in hope.

The Personal Sense

Many times I had glossed over the reality that Jesus was born into a world in darkness and sin and even in the physical darkness and poverty of the stable in Bethlehem. Suddenly it struck me in a new way though when I realized the personal dimension of this, that Jesus was born into my personal darkness and sin into my personal poverty and into my personal history and continues to do so. Is it possible that God could be drawn to a place like that and manifest himself precisely in such wretchedness? This is truly a cause for rejoicing, because all that is needed is to recognize my true self and present it to God ,who has chosen to appear precisely in that place ,and not in the moments where I convince myself of my goodness or holiness. He not only appears there but makes himself one with my misery, and manifests himself through this, so that the power of God may be made visible (2 Corinthians 12:9). God incarnated Himself once in the flesh of our fallen nature (Romans 8:3), in Jesus Christ. Now, He  continually incarnates Himself through his mystical body the Church. The Church though is personal. It is is you and me, and my fallen and wretched nature and yours. Truly Jesus is closer to me then than I am to myself. I try to avoid my worst misery but Jesus is actually drawn to it through His Mercy.

The Divine Mercy Image then shifted to the vision of Jesus as He seeks out the lost sheep with these two great searchlights that pour out of His heart. The red ight of passionate love and the white light of the waters of rebirth. My response must be to accept myself as I am before Him and accept to be transformed by the Holy Spirit - NOW, in the present, not as I was in the past or would have liked to be, or want to be in the future, just NOW. There is no cause for hopeless regret, the bigger the mistakes I have made and the greater the darkness is, the More He is drawn towards it. It seems to become an advantage if I allow it.

In the image Jesus walks in this dark place seeking out lost souls with the searchlights of Divine Mercy and new life in the Spirit. In one of these lights He poured out Himself on the cross, in the other He poured out His Divine life on the Church through the Holy Spirit. The moment of this outpouring was through the piercing of His side on the Cross. One man in his darkest hour thrust his spear in His side and received clear vision as the blood and water washed his eyes. What came to me, though, was that Longinus in that brief instant saw himself as he truly was before God , his conscience illuminated. Recognizing the time of his visitation he became the Saint and Martyr venerated in the Church today.

The Prophetic Sense - The Illumination of Conscience

In the prophetic sense (which is always subject to the discernment of the Church) I saw the pattern of the Church again following the pattern of it's head - Jesus.  In these times the Mystical Body is going though the passion of Jesus, and is being stripped of the garment of it's assets through lawsuits, the desecration of Churches, the beheading of statues and attacks from every quarter. As predicted by Pope Benedict when still a Cardinal, the social and political cult of the Church will die and what will remain will be akin to the early church populated by saints and mystics. In fact the Church in the eyes of the World will appear to die altogether. This is a great cause for hope and joy though, because just as the world thrusts the lance into the heart of the Church in her darkest hour there will come the greatest public outpouring of Divine Mercy known to humanity through the corporate illumination of conscience. Known also by other names such as the warning or mini-judgement it was prophesied by Saint Faustina among others.

From Her Diary

Write this: before I come as the Just Judge, I come as the King of Mercy. Before the day of justice arrives, this sign in the sky will be given to mankind. All light in the heavens will be extinguished, and there will be great darkness over the whole earth. Then the sign of the Cross will be seen in the sky, and from the holes where the hands and the feet of the Savior were nailed will come forth a brilliant light, which will illuminate the Earth for a period of time. This will take place shortly before the last day.” (Diary #83)

God wont give up on any of His children to the last breath. But you who read this. Will you accept the time of your visitation?

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