I was recently pondering some wisdom written by one of the Saints in heaven - on how we need to focus on the small things in life, to receive the inspirations of the Holy Spirit and then to act on them without delay, in this way building up the kingdom of God in our own sphere of influence. Knowing that I have the terrible habit of procrastination, the Spirit called me to rise up, to ascend higher in being a reflection of goodness, of God. To start over anew. This was just one instance in my life of the upward calling of God St Paul speaks of (Phil 3:14). I say yes to the prompting of the Spirit and God does all the transformation.

Isn't this true of most of us? When we see goodness and beauty it calls us beyond ourselves, and also convicts us at times. How many of us alive today have met someone transfigured by the Love of God whose intense and peaceful gaze held us in the present moment of a brief conversation. Or how many have been inspired by reading the life of someone like St Francis of Assisi who banged on the doors of his town crying "Love is not loved", and have felt convicted also in not having allowed ourselves to become transformed by God Love, and in a moment of hope desired to be vessels of Gods Love?

Love begets love and calls us higher? What then shall we become when we "shall behold God face to face and His name shall be written on our foreheads" (Rev 22:4-5).....??

It's worth pondering, that we are the only creatures with an animal nature who stand erect with our foreheads facing the Heavens. We were created for something far greater than this world. The beauty of the Celestial Heavens can only provide the barest hint at what awaits us, something truly unimaginable.

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