Ukraine and War in The Heavenly Realms

One of the most painful things to witness in regard to the war in Ukraine is the support Vladimir Putin is receiving from the Orthodox hierarchy for the annexation of Ukraine. That, and the context of theRussian priests could stop blessing nukes | The Senior | 2259 "religious mission" surrounding it. This gets closer to the root of what's happening which is a spiritual war in the heavenly realms, manifested in physical carnage and destruction. What happens in the heavenly places, the battle between the demonic and the angelic, the blessed and the lost, is always reflected on earth. In these times of Our Lady, Satan is becoming increasingly furious, as he knows his time is almost up, and is lashing us with his "serpents tail" while she has her foot on his head.

It is essential to remain close to mamma Mary in these times, and and she comforts us, she also shares the wound in her heart for the souls of those who are being lost, and her grief at what is being dome in the name of religion. I share in her grief to see Russian Orthodox priests blessing nuclear missiles and other weapons of war. Lucifer falling from the highest height of the most splendid angel, to the bottom of the abyss, is a template for all evil, which is goodness distorted. The higher the good, the greater the disfigurement. Religion used for the wrong purposes becomes utterly Satanic and devoid of the Love of the Trinity, but retains a dreadful capacity to blind and mislead people. Religious obsession, like any kind of obsession, is an enemy spirit. Obsession blinds the heart to listening to the Spirit and hence blinds it to Love. No Russian Saint has exemplified this better than St Seraphim of Sarov. One reads with horror of Patriarch Kirill's closeness to Putin and his support for the invasion of Ukraine. Let's pray for him and leave the judgement to God. However, lets invert the spiritual landscape for a moment. Suppose the Patriarch of Russia was another St Seraphim of Sarov. What would he have said to Putin about invading Chechnya, Georgia, and now Ukraine? Perhaps Putin lifted by the radiance of this saintly personage would have looked inward at his own heart. Perhaps he would have converted, and perhaps now he too would be a saintly man, waging war on the sin and decadence of Western Europe and calling them back to their destiny before God. Perhaps my own Ireland would re-discover the true spiritual legacy of St Patrick instead of blindly following the "gospel of gender neutrality" in the "church of woke". Is there something of the prophecy of Fatima here, regarding the conversion of Russia - perhaps now an instrument of punishment, destined to become a light to the world?

In any case what is striking to me is that in some unique cases we see the social consequences of sin. What we see with earthly eyes is the destruction caused by the sins of commission - in the present cases, the horrific destruction in Ukraine caused by Putin, and in the past by personages such as Stalin and Hitler. But what about the negative spaces in between - the sins of omission. When we think about the "what ifs", what if Putin was a saint, what if the Patriarch was a saint, we can see the incredible void caused by the sin of omission. Physical destruction can be repaired - death is not the end - only the second death is. The sins of omission resonate with this eternal consequences of this "what if". Immediately, though, we must look to ourselves. It is too easy to judge our neighbor, to avoid looking at ourselves. What have I not become - yet? Let's be full of hope and joy too, because with a little good will God will complete in us the work that He has begun. In these times of darkness, there are extraordinary graces. The heavens are open. Praise God!!





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