Welling up of the Spirit

One of the most inspirational passages of the Gospels is the discourse of Jesus with the Samaritan woman in John 4. In pondering it recently I mused on that imagery of the water of the Spirit "welling" up to eternal life and the Lord brought me deeper into this mystery. Not unlike St Teresa of Avila's waterings, the welling up of the Holy Spirit is God's work. and the task of the soul is to get out of His way.

There are profound depths of prayer being offered to Christians in these times, as Jesus desires to purify His Church to become a spotless bride before He returns. It is a great comfort to me to think of a good husband, and how he looks on his bride. How then does Jesus look upon His bride, those who follow Him with desire. He will certainly protect us in the coming times and work everything for the good.

In each one of us there is the spring of living waters, the "source", which lives closer to us than ourselves which is continually "welling up". Do we allow it to well up. How many times I have thrown something into that well to block the path of life. Then the Spirit found a new pathway upward. What will happen to you and I if we allow this water complete freedom to well up and to pour out from within?? The enemy tries to frighten us with lying thoughts of oblivion, and a loss of identity, insinuating that we would become lost in some sort of impersonal Divine oblivion. What really happens is so beautiful as to bring tears of joy.

So what will happen if we give free reign to these waters. The answer is in John 7:38, where Jesus declare that "He who believes in me, as the scripture has said, "Out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water." This is so so profound. When we grow in authentic spiritual transformation, we notice the desire emerging within that our lives be "poured" out as a gift for others, that they become Eucharistic. If we authentically grow in holiness we "organically" become evangelists. We can't help it, as it were because what lives within us can only do so if also permitted to pour out from us in to the desert of the world, to heal the "lame" and give sight to the "blind".  We become propelled by that inner joy to give primarily what is good for the soul, but also in miracles too, because rather than Christians following signs, signs follow Christians. We don't enter heaven alone but with our brothers and sisters. Let us pray for one another. Please pray for me.  It is one thing to write these word, but I too find myself called by them to rise up with God. Pray threefold, then - enter into prayer, pray, and be transformed by prayer. Friends, I have more to share on two things which the Lord showed me describe a true evangelist. I will put these in the next post. My Jesus and His holy Mother, Theotokos, remain with you.


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  1. The woman at the well has always been my favorite passage; tears of joy and flowed from my eyes and gratitude poured forth from my heart while reading this blog. As I am getting older (just turned 57), and I feel God working in my life quite differently than when I was younger. His gentle hand guided me to your website — I spiritually and soberly stumbled upon it! You and your readers will be in my prayers. As we ponder the mystery of God, may it grant us peace, and supply us with the courage to be solders for Christ.

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