Earth Designed For Intelligent Life

A Home Designed For Intelligent Life

There is more to our home planet than it's amazing fine tuning for life. It's also about the type of life that it has been created for. The Earth has been placed in an privileged location in the universe at a privileged location in time. Humanity has emerged at a time when the entire cosmos is visible from Earth, right back to the big bang itself (as we look farther away we look back in time also because of the time it takes light to reach us).  Had we come about earlier  the galaxies would be too  close together and would have obscured the view to the beginning of creation. Had we come into existence later, the galaxies would have moved too far apart and receded out of view. Humanity came to be at exactly the right time when we could see backwards to the creation of the Universe  itself.

However, viewing the spectacle of creation also requires an unobscured view. As it happens,  the Earth is located between spiral arms at just the right place in the Milky Way galaxy to permit an unobscured view of the Universe. If the Earth had been located near the galactic center the sky would have been awash with nearby starlight which would have hidden the light from distant galaxies. Had the Earth been located inside a spiral arm, the view of the cosmos would have been blocked by interstellar dust. Had we been situated in most other kinds of galaxies, one or both of these obstacles would have been present at any location. There is also the fact that, the light by which we see is a tiny fraction of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation - 1 part in 1025. That number is more than the number of stars in the Universe. Yet it is precisely in this spectral band that the Earth's atmosphere is perfectly transparent, enabling us to see out into the Cosmos

There is further evidence that the Earth was designed for intelligent humans who would explore. The Moon is 400 times smaller in diameter than the Sun and also happens to be exactly 400 times closer to the Earth. This means that the apparent size of the Moon in the sky is exactly the same as the Sun. This celestial arrangement is unique in the solar system and permits the stunning spectacle of total solar eclipses which reveal the outer atmosphere of the Sun, otherwise invisible, glowing behind the Moon. The ability to view these eclipses opened a path to the knowledge of the stars by allowing us to study the closest one to us in fine detail. The ability to see faint stars next to the eclipsed Sun also confirmed Einstein's theory of General Relativity to incredible accuracy by allowing us to observe the bending of light by a gravitational field - a crucial measurement which opened the path to the discovery of the big-bang itself.  These important discoveries spawned  the fields of modern astronomy and cosmology.

Our home planet was designed for living beings who would look up to the heavens, wonder about their own origin and destiny and make scientific discoveries. That should give us food for though about the kind of Father we have in heaven.

Prayer Reflection

The type of home God created for us and it's location in the Universe reminds us that we are created to look heavenwards. We are created with an innate desire to explore and to enter into mystery. God delighted to created us this way. He commissioned us to master the Earth (Gen 1:28) and provided us with the raw materials necessary to develop a technological society, to be creative as He is creative. Our desire for mystery is fulfilled in the vision of the face of God in eternity, but even now we strain towards that goal and experience a foretaste of our destiny (Phil 3:12-14) seeking that which we have already found in some way.

Take a moment to place yourself under the gaze of the Heavenly Father. A gaze which is not from a distant place but a place which is closer to you than you are to yourself. What does it say to you that your Father created you to look heavenwards? to walk under an open sky? To create and explore? How does this fit with your image of God the Father? Many of us see God as a tyrant rather than a life giving Father.  Freedom is the sign of Gods presence. Which image of the Father most sets you free inside? One of the most telling qualities of the Saints is their creativity, in the way they prayed and in the way they loved. Love is always inventive, finding new ways to bring life. If your spiritual life is stale or you find it boring perhaps you need to tune in to a different voice (John 10:27-30).

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