Earth's Radiation Shield

A Magnetic "Blast Shield" 

Earth is protected from destructive high energy solar winds and cosmic radiation by a finely tuned protective magnetic bubble. Without this protection, volatile components of the atmosphere, essential for life, such as water vapor, would be sputtered into the vacuum of space. The magnetic field also produces the Van Allen belts which protect the surface of the Earth and it's life forms from the worst effects of this radiation.

The marvel of the Earths magnetic field is the result of several precisely tuned factors which must all be present together. The odds against it are enormous. The planetary mass must be just right to allow a solid inner iron core to form and the mantle of the Earth must  be able to move about freely and not be too viscous. This is to allow the liquid outer iron core to form tiny currents to generate a permanent sustainable magnetic dynamo . The thermal properties too must be exactly balanced. The core must be at the right temperature with the right amount of heat transfer to the mantle. For these factors to exist together, the planet must have a movable crust like that found on Earth - plate tectonics in other words. This in itself requires lubricating water oceans - water which might not be present if the atmosphere was not magnetically shielded from the sputtering effect of cosmic radiation.

As a reminder of the remarkable protection given to us, the shielding of the Earth produces the mesmerizing spectacle of the Northern and Southern lights (Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australia) as the magnetic field lines move the high energy cosmic rays in a spiral. As they slow down they generate this magnificent display.

Prayer Reflection

Anyone who has seen the Northern lights is enchanted by their shimmering veil-like appearance. Just like the rainbow, they are a sure sign of God's loving protection- a temple veil, with the temple is on the inside. The temple is each one of us, poor vessels of clay, where God makes His home.

God has taken care to protect us in exquisite detail. Far from random probability - an impossible chance in a trillion - everything is ordered to our good. Pondering on this, it is not so hard to believe that every hair on our head is quite literally numbered (Luke 12:7), in other words every detail of our makeup has purpose and meaning.

We know of many ways in which we are under Gods protection and for each one we know about there are many more unknown to us. Not so long ago we didn't even know of the existence of the Van Allen Belts or the protective effect of the Earth's magnetic field.

Reflect for a moment on how many ways He cares for you faithfully, often in ways that are completely unknown to you. What would you like to say to God the Father about this? as even now He continues to love you in the secret of your personal makeup in ways that are known only to Him. He has assigned Angel assigned to protect you? (Psalm 91:11-12). You are also called to share in this creative Love by loving others in ways that are sometimes unknown to them but known to God (Matthew 6:1-2).