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Fine Tuning of the Big-Bang

Fine Tuning of the Big Bang

The mass of the big bang is fine tuned to a degree that is truly incomprehensible. When the Universe was brought into existence through the big-bang creation event, it needed to be precise to 1 part in 1060. That's a 1 with 60 zeros after it. I'll try to provide an insight into the size of this number. There are about 1020 grains of sand in total on all the beaches of planet Earth. Lets make an identical planet Earth for each of those grains of sand. Now we have a total of  1020 or 100,000 quadrillion Earths,a providing together,a total of 1040 grains of sand. Repeat the process again making a new Earth from each of these grains of sand. Now there are a total of  1060 grains of sand.

The mass had to be precise on this knife edge to provide the correct expansion rate of the universe for stars, galaxies, planets and life to form, and for us to be here. If the expansion was incalculably lower, only black holes and neutron stars would have formed, with zero planet supporting star systems. If it was incalculably higher, no stars at all would have formed.

There is more though. The universe has a "self stretching" energy called dark energy, which together with the mass of the universe determines the rate of expansion. For stars and planets to form, the precision with which this energy is fine tuned need to be 1 part in 10120. It's impossible to grasp a number so large which is 100 billion quadrillion quadrillion times the number of protons and neutrons in the universe.

Prayer Reflection

Lord when you proclaimed "even the hairs of your head are numbered" (Luke;12:7), you expressed an inconceivable truth in a way that our poor minds could grasp. The true depth and breadth of your love for each of us, for each detail of our being is something unimaginable. Thankyou Lord that the vast expanse and immeasurable precision of your creation provides a reflection of this truth.

Yes Lord, and the Word which you spoke is eternal and achieves its purpose now as you continually create me from nothing. More than just a word Lord, it is an eternal song which creates and recreates me from eternal love. As for me Lord, I am called to be unique part of  this eternal harmony. How many times though, have become a discordant note. Yet you took the cacophony of sin and created a new song more beautiful than the first. 

What must I do now Lord to become a beautiful part of this song. What is the noise and destruction in my life that prevents me from being an open instrument to the Holy Spirit, a celestial flute that transmits the beauty at the heart of God. Speak Lord, your servant is listening.

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