Finely Balanced Forces

We typically take for granted the laws of nature. However, behind everything we see and know about the cosmos and behind out own existence lie four fundamental forces, in addition to fundamental constants of nature such as the mass of the electron and proton. These are exquisitely fine tuned and balanced against one another. The discovery of this balance has led more than one physicist to abandon his or her atheism and admit to the existence of a designer.

Of the four forces, we are all familiar with gravity, which keeps the planets in orbit and our shoes on the ground.  The electromagnetic force, on the other hand prevents our shoes passing through the ground due to the repulsion of negatively charged electrons in adjacent atoms. It governs all chemical reactions and even light itself.  The strong nuclear force governs the binding together of protons and neutrons in atomic nuclei and makes possible the very elements that constitute the universe. Less well known is the weak nuclear force which governs the stability of atomic nuclei and the decay of radioactive isotopes such as Uranium in nuclear reactors.

What made some scientists gasp in amazement was an apparently coincidental relationship between the weak nuclear force which operates over distances less than the width of a proton, and the force of gravity which operates over the width of the visible universe. Without yet finding the theory that unifies these forces, they discovered a mathematical relationship between them that by pure chance is vastly improbable.  This small detail permits the formation of stars and the elements necessary for the emergence of biological life. The ratio of these forces is more finely tuned than a billion sharpened pencils simultaneously balanced upright on their tips on a flat glass surface.

If it differed by the tiniest amount to one side or the other a universe would have emerged without any hydrogen (essential for water), or without any of the diverse heavy elements (such as iron). Either way life would have been impossible. One can only praise God.

Prayer Reflection

Lord God you created all things beautifully with boundaries and laws to frame the masterpiece of the Divine Artist. In the beginning you created the angels all beautifully and created humankind all beautifully. Wonder of wonders, You even invited humanity to share in the Divine Nature by creating us in your image and likeness and invited us to become co-creators with you over the physical universe. Yet we were deceived and rejected you. We fell outside of your protective boundaries, outside of the artists frame, and for the first time we noticed those boundaries which no longer protected us in your garden but instead, viewed from outside, seemed ugly, seemed to cause us pain and accuse us. Lord in your Mercy you went outside yourself into our lawless darkness to re-create us and plant us anew in an even more wonderful place where you remain as one of us for eternity.

Lord God you created new laws to encircle and protect us where we stood in our darkness. You sent Moses with the old law and the prophets to begin the journey homeward. When you became man in Christ Jesus, you recreated the spiritual universe and infused us with a new law with the very heart and meaning of all law . Through the infusion of the Holy Spirit you shared your nature with us which is Divine Love. Yet so often Lord I remain shackled under the old law, a slave to form and ritual. I justify myself by exterior religious observance. I hide my broken humanity behind religious practice, while you, sick with love for me, continually invite me beyond all law (Gal 5:18) into a deep life giving relationship with you as Your child and heir.

Thank you Lord for the signposts to you which are the 10 commandments. Lord may I never justify myself by clinging to to the signposts and failing to journey to the source which is Love. May I never judge others according to these signposts. You alone can Judge according to Love. Thank you even more Lord for the 8 Beatitudes which express the heart of the law lived through life in the Spirit, beginning now and enduring for eternity. In the end you make all things new (Rev 21:15).

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