Galactic Balancing Act

We don't live in a random place in the milky way galaxy. Our location is the safest possibly place we could be to permit the emergence of life without the threat of probable extinction. The solar system is situated between outer spiral arms of the galaxy at a stable location, far enough from other stars to avoid deadly cosmic radiation and gravitational de-stabilization of the solar system.

Have you ever noticed a floating object bobbing up and down on the seashore as the waves "pass through" its location. It's similar with the spiral arms of the galaxy. Over millions of years they orbit around the galaxy as waves of matter and the stars pass in and out of these arms coming into chaotic close proximity. The stars themselves orbit about the galactic center but at a different rotation rate.

However, there is just one distance from the center of the galaxy, called the co-rotation distance, where the stars rotate at the same rate as the arms. The solar system is located at precisely that distance so that it remains between two spiral arms. It stays at a safe distance from catastrophic and life extinguishing cosmic radiation from nearby exploding stars (supernovae), and gravitational destabilization. It's situation, in between spiral arms, also provides us with a unique view of the Cosmos, unobscured by excessive starlight and interstellar dust, enabling us to see back in time to the moment of creation.

This is just one of a number of other remarkable conditions necessary for life concerned with our galactic location. The stars must remain far enough away for safety but must be close enough to provide ash from supernovae for the formation of the solar system. You can read about this in a different post.



Prayer Reflection

God created the stars and fixed them in their orbits (Psalm 147:4). All of His creation obeys fixed laws according to His purpose. Humankind alone has this terrifying capacity to say No to God and exit the path of peace and life He created for us. Like the potters clay, though, God can reshape each one of our lives to a new good no matter what our mistakes and history have been (Jer 18:1-12). As long as there is breath in our body we can re-enter the stream of the Divine plan. God doesn't have a second best plan. Like a river that runs downstream to the sea flowing around this rock and that, He can bring it to it's destiny by an infinite number of ways, so long as we don't dam the water by our obstinate refusal.

Where have you have you been planted in life? What is your personal orbit among people, among created things, within your inner thoughts and desires. Each of us have many voices playing in our minds, some like a broken record repeating over and over. Many of us are tuned in to the voice of the accuser, the condemnation of our personal history which we carry on our backs like an unbearable weight. "You can never change", "God can never forgive you", "your sins are too great".

Reflect for a moment under the gaze of the Father on these things. The place where you are right now is the only place from which you can grow into newness of life. Ask Jesus to accompany you  in your questioning. What do you wish to become? What do you desire most deeply? Which of your thoughts and desires seem to bring peace? These quiet currents are the call of the Holy Spirit back into the orbit of the Divine Will, the plan of peace for your life. Which of your patterns of thinking diminish you and accuse you and drag you away from hope? These are the voices of the enemy, - the lure of the world, the accusations of demons, and the weakness of our broken nature, all working together.

The voice of the enemy turns us to the past which can never be changed. "If only I had..."If only...If only". The voice of the Spirit of God turns us to the present with hope for the future. Only if...Only if... Only if....As sure as He himself is Love He will guide you to fill in those blanks if you give Him your yes and your good will. Ask and you shall receive (Mat:7-7)

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