Why are Atheistic Scientists So Stubborn?

The Laws of Physics begin with a list of elementary particles like electrons, quarks, and photons, each with special properties such as mass and electric charge. These are the objects that everything else is built out of. No one knows why the list is what it is or why the properties of these particles are exactly what they are. There is an infinite number of possibilities of what they could be, but they just happen to be exactly tuned for life within an incredibly narrow range with practically zero room for error. Estimates on the very low side put this number at 1 in 1037 which is the number of grains of sand on the earth with each grain giving birth to another earth with the same number of grains again. Just hold a handful of sand and think what are the chances of picking a pre-designated grain out the first time. These odds have forced atheistic scientists to wriggle desperately for other alternatives, fantastic scenarios where there are an infinite number of universes, therefore the infinite list is covered. We just happen to live in the 1 out if infinity in that list which has the requirements for life. I wonder would they bet their mortgage or their paycheck on their theories. When it comes to looking after our own material interests we are very adept at using the powers of reason given to us. Not, however, when we are spinning a yarn about the truth of existence - here reason is abandoned, and the ability to look at reality objectively, supposedly the strength of the scientist, is abandoned in favor of the attitude of a mule. Even someone not given to Christian Mysticism might wonder if there are not other forces at play here pushing a narrative. A narrative as Christians understand is intended to direct our gaze away from our origin and destiny.

Prayer Reflection

Lord God you created the Universe from noting as only you, who are Being itself, and Life itself can do. You sustain it in each moment of time. Each particle of creation is stamped with the "I Love You" from the Creator to the human creature. We don't reciprocate this though, we stamp creation with hate lies, destruction and deceit. That is why we need to live in Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit, so that what is evil in us may be taken up by the cross of Christ and the stamp of Jesus on each particle of creation reciprocating Love to the Father may become our stamp also. Intervene in the lives of Scientists Lord and Intellectual centers which are no longer centers of learning but are spreading deception and lies, so that they too may see the whole truth of which the physical world is but a part.

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